Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elijah: 10 Weeks

Weight: On Monday you were 14 pounds 14 ounces before eating! 15 lbs 3 ounces after!
Height: no update
Clothes: You are in 3-6 month clothes. And some of them not for long! I hated putting away your small 0-3 month clothes because it means you are getting so big, but also because many of them you wore only once! It is fun, however, to move into a bigger size because there are new adorable outfits to wear!
Diapers: One size cloth, and we even had to move up a snap rise. I didn't want to, but some of the girls in my CD group suggested it might help with leaks and they were right! I love seeing your adorable cloth diaper butt! When we had our car ride you wore disposables and when I patted your butt it felt like you were naked underneath your pants! I am used to a fluffy butt!
Sleep: On your 10 week birthday you slept for 8 hours in a row! Yay! We have been putting you down for your long stretch between 9 and 10 most nights. The key is mommy going to bed at that time too. You have also slept in your bed for naps several times. You sleep in the woombie best. I tried to let you have one arm out for a nap that other day and you woke up every 5-10 minutes. As soon as I put your arm in, you were out for 2 hours! You sleep about 12-14 hours total most days, so much of your day is spent sleeping still!
Eating: Eating continues to be one of your favorite past times! You usually eat every 2-3 hours during the day. You have taken a few more bottles, so that is good. It makes me feel better about going back to work. 
Likes: Laying on your back and kicking, smiling at us, bath time, lights and windows, ceiling fans, and hugs, kisses and snuggles. You love when I give you lots of kisses!
Dislikes: Being tired and hungry (the main times you cry). You continue to think Tummy Time=THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
Health: You are a healthy boy! We have noticed for about a month that your left eye seems to turn in more than your right eye. At your 1 month appointment the doctor said it will most likely correct itself. But of course Mommy worries! You continue to LOVE when we go to the chiropractor and you get your neck stretched.
Oh! And this: We went away for Mommy's "Girls' Weekend at the Cabin" and you were fabulous the whole time! You did GREAT in the car (apparently you like highway driving) and you slept well. It was so fun to have all those "Aunties" around to wear you and snuggle and play all the time!
New Tricks: You have discovered how fun it is to suck on everything: your hands, a shirt, your wubbanub, anything! You even have started to hold onto things like a blanket, my shirt, or your wubbanub with purpose! It is fun to see you hold your wubbanub like that!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Elijah: 2 Months

Dear Elijah, 
How are you 2 months old already?? We cannot believe you have only been here 2 months because you are the most important thing in our lives. But at the same time we can't believe how fast these 2 months have flown by! We are so amazed by you every day. I still haven't slowed down with the number of kisses I love to give you. Speaking of that, I need to go give you a kiss right now! Your daddy is always amazed by how smart and how strong you are. We just need to get you to like tummy time so you can be even stronger!

We left you for the first time today without one of us to go out for our anniversary. It was very hard and we talked about you a lot. We knew Grammy and Grandpa would take great care of you, but it was still not easy (especially for me). What if you were crying and you only wanted me?! I didn't want you to worry that I wasn't coming back. But that didn't happen. You enjoyed your time with them and they even both wore you! We only went to dinner and came right home. But it felt too long!

You faces crack us up all the time. I love to take lots of pictures of you on my phone. I can't imagine if I didn't have my phone there at all times to catch your hilarious facial expressions! I love to look back through my pictures and look at your adorable faces. I am getting very sad as there is only one month left in summer. I do not like thinking about leaving you when I go back to work. I want to always be there for you whenever you need me! 

We are looking forward to another fun month of growing and learning!


Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounches (still 97%ile)
Height: 23.25 inches
Clothes: Daddy started putting you in 3-6 month jammies some nights (I just think you wearing jammies is the most adorable ever) and I don't like it! But they do fit better. You are still wearing 0-3 clothes, but I should probably move to the 3-6. I don't wanna do it! It also makes me sad that so many of your 0-3 clothes you only wore once! 
Diapers: We have moved up to mostly one size cloth diapers in the last few days. I didn't want to give up the NB, but we have had too many leaks. I don't like how big they are! In disposables (rarely) you are still in size 2. Cloth laundry is still going well. Now we have a plethora to choose from! Since you rash has been gone, we only put coconut oil on your bum and it looks totally clear all the time! Coconut oil is magical!
Sleep: You will sleep for hours when we wear you (Daddy loves to wear you too!). Going to bed for the night is always a process because you wake yourself up and then get all upset. We set up the video monitor a few weeks ago. We have tried a few times to put you down and then watch a show downstairs. Usually it involves several trips back upstairs when you are upset! We have started to try a kind of bedtime routine involving eating, diaper, pjs, story and song,rock and then swaddle and rock/walk until you fall asleep for good. Bath is after eating if it is a bath night (about 3 times a week). The routine is a VERY loose one. You wake about 1-2 times a night and then thenext time (7ish) I will usually bring you into bed with me if you don't want to go back to sleep in your bed. It is going to be ROUGH going back to work. You are still a very sleepy boy and sleep most of the day. Though you are starting to have a few 4 hour stretches in the last few days! I try for the whole eat/play/sleep routine...but usually you prefer eat/sleep! We are also started to try crib naps. At first you would need your paci put back in every 15 minutes, but now you have slept a few times for 45 minutes to an hour. You like to fight sleep a lot. And when you are doing that as you are falling asleep, you pick up your head and slam it down on our shoulders or face. Ow! Why do you do that?! And you snuffle around on our shoulders. Until you finally conk out. We have to trick you with the swaddle because when you are too awake all you want to do is FIGHT TO GET YOUR ARMS OUT! But if we don't swaddle you, you wake up every 10 minutes when you startle yourself.
Eating: In preparation for going back to work, we have tried to have daddy give you a bottle a couple times a week. You aren't really happy about it, but you will take it. You took one from Grandma last week pretty well. I usually have a hard time and have to go pump somewhere far away so I don't hear your sad cry. I wish you never needed a bottle! During the day you eat on demand. I continue to try to do about every 2 hours if possible to get in as many feedings during the day as we can. I just love that I am able to give you all you need to get strong and grow. And the cuddles are super awesome.
Likes: Fireworks! Snuggling in bed and on our chests. You love to show off your strong neck when we are holding you. You are starting to enjoy laying on your back on the play mat and watching and listening to the mobile. We are starting to read to you more and you seem to be paying attention (rather than just staring at the light!)
Dislikes: Getting out of the tub, stop lights, being tired, tummy time for more than 5 minutes (You are pretty good at pushing up when you want to!), and being swaddled arms in.
Health: You got 2 vaccines at your appointment today: the TDaP and oral rotavirus. You did great! I nursed you while you got the TDap (BM is a natural pain reliever) and you fussed almost as much about the alcohol wipe as the shot itself! After a quick fuss you went right back to nursing! We are following the Dr. Sears alternative vaccine schedule because though mommy believes in vaccines, I think its a lot of medicine to put in a baby's body at once (when I rarely even take Tylenol!). And some are not necessary for little babies. (For anyone who is interested, I HIGHLY recommend the Dr. Sears Vaccine Book to learn more about vaccines and the diseases they prevent). You have visited the chiropractor 3 times now. You love when Dr. Robin stretches your neck. You get very calm and look around. At your one month appt the NP said you left side was a little flat and to watch it. We noticed that you tend to lay your head on that side when you are sleeping, even when we turn it the other way. I wear you most of the time when you aren't sleeping, so it isn't like you spend a lot of excessive time flat on your back. So we figured it would be better to do something now and possibly avoid issues later. Also, you were lodged in there when mommy was trying to push you out, so the chiropractor definitely helps with that. (Funny article for info on chiropractors and infants)
Oh! And this: When you are getting ready to start eating, I sign "milk". Also, we sign "more" and "all done" when we are playing with you and talking to you. One time you looked right at me and signed "milk" (not at eating time). I am sure it was a fluke....or you are a genius.
New Tricks: I am probably making this up, but many times when I am kissing you on your cheeks, you open your mouth wide and I put you near my cheek and tell you, "Thank you for the kisses!" You have also discovered controlling your tongue and love to stick it out. I like to stick my tongue back out at your and then you will do it again! You are learning and exploring!

Last day of Family Fest in his matching committee chair onesie

Smiles at home

Mommy loves to cuddle and rock

We took a walk to the park. Elijah slept and Mommy read.

Getting ready to visit Mommy's students

Smiles while hanging with Grandma

Family Walk

It doesn't look like it, but bath time is a hit

Big smiles at Daddy

Working on Tummy Time

Big smiles in the morning!

Trying out the video monitor

Helping in the garden

All dressed up and no where to go

Hanging with friends at the park. The three of us climbed to the top of the silo!

Family on the 4th of July

LOVING the fireworks (with ear protection of course) 

Big smiles in the car

Big eyes at Panera

Even in the middle of the night Mommy loves snuggles

Showing off the duds

Working in the garden (the only way nap time was happening)

That CAN'T be comefortable!

Eli's first movie: Frozen

Sleep when the baby sleeps is a myth!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure in Cloth Wipes

***I wrote most of this blog post before Eli was born and finally just added the pictures. So I am going to leave it written as it was!**

This Little Man is going to be here soon! One of the projects I have been working on since winter break is a collection of cloth wipes. I figure since we are going to be using cloth diapers, it just makes sense to use cloth wipes too! They all will get thrown in the wash together. Also, after some very precise math calculations I decided that 60 wipes would be a very good number to start with. It is probably high, but better to be looking at them than looking for them (Adam would say).

I, of course, did my research, reading lots of blog posts about cloth wipes. I figured that they are easy to make and I don't need to spend extra money on premade ones. They are for wiping a baby's butt so they don't need to be fancy! I liked the idea of using 8x8 wipes because when folded they will fit in a wipes container. We registered for the Oxo Perfect Pull Wipe Dispenser and plan to follow this lady's  recommendation.

After reading several posts, I decided to make a set of single layer flannel cloth wipes. DO NOT DO THIS. This blog was one of the examples I followed. To be fair, she said use flannel fabric, which I did. She also says she cut up a flannel receiving blanket, which I did not. This is another blog that says you can just use a single layer of flannel from the store. THAT IS NOT TRUE!

If you use a single layer of flannel from the store and zig zag stitch around the edge as suggested, you will have a fraying flannel mess.

Now, I wasn't expecting serged perfection and they are only for wiping a baby's butt. But if this is after one wash, imagine getting washed a couple times a week!?!

My first round of wipes involved washing the fabric and then cutting 60 8x8 squares. I then zig zag stitched around the edges of all the wipes. I started getting a little suspicious as they were getting a little frayed as I went. I threw them in the wash when I was done to test them out. Holy frayedness!

I decided that it was possibly because the zig zag stitches weren't right exactly at the edge. So I went back over them all and trimmed off the excess right up to the stitching. Then I threw them in the wash again.

THEN I had the idea to use my pinking shears and cut off the edges and THEN zig zag stictch again. This time I got smart. I only did about 20 of them. And then washed them.


Then I gave up. I sewed two pieces wrong sides together, flipped them around and then top stitched over the whole thing to make double layer flannel wipes. Double layer 6x6 flannel wipes by this point. 30 double layer 6x6 wipes. Not 60 single layer 8x8. 

In the grand scheme of biggie. My mom thought the whole story was hilarious and picked me up some more inexpensive cute flannel at Joann for my second round. Because I still wanted 60! This time I embraced the double layer 8x8 wipes right from the beginning.

Wrong sides together

Top stitching

Double sided wipes

Overall the project was super inexpensive. All of the flannel was purchased 40% off or more. Just a few dollars and we will have cloth wipes to last us forever!

Storing the Wipes

As I said earlier, we got this Oxo Perfect Pull Wipe Dispenser as a shower gift. I thought using this method might make things a little easier and more "normal" and would probably encourage Adam to like the cloth. 

I found a container I had that was about the size of the wipes when they are folded up. I mix in about 2 cups of warm water, about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, a squirt of baby soap, and 2 drops of tea tree oil. A couple times I used 2 drops of lavender instead. (Not precise measurements because I just do it i my bathroom). Then I mix it up with my hand.

I fold the wipes (as she explains in the blog post) and put them in a stack. Then I put the pile in the container and squish it down so it soaks up all the water. I make sure they are all wet!

Then I stick them in the container! I can jam 25 in there.

Right now it is working well! We both much prefer the cloth wipes. We can usually use just 1 wipe per diaper change unless it is a massive one. The downside is that I have to do this about every other day at this point. But hopefully that will not continue as he has fewer diaper changes a day. We will see how long this continues. Maybe we will switch to the spray bottle method at some point. Depends on how much work it continues to be when I go back to work in August. 

If you cut up receiving blankets (I haven't tried this) and they are single layer, you might be able to fit 50 in the container. That would last a long time!

After they are used, we just throw them in the wet bag with the diapers and wash them all together.

We also use them for laying on top of Little Man during diaper changes because he LOVES to pee into the open air. We keep several of them in the diaper bag for the same thing. 

Overall, cloth wipes are a great idea! Inexpensive! Easy! Cute! Useful!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Elijah: 6 Weeks

Dear Elijah, 
I was going to wait and do the next update at 2 months, but you are changing so much every day, I just couldn't wait. You are so amazing! Daddy and I never stop being amazed by you. We think you are very smart! And we know you are very strong. 

Weight: At the BF group on Monday you were 12 pounds 15 ounces with a diaper on! (And then 13 pounds after eating!)
Height: No update on this
Clothes: Still in 0-3 clothes. Though some are getting a little tight! Your torso is long!
Diapers: Wearing size 2, but you do fit in size 1. You have had a really bad diaper rash for a week and a half so you haven't been able to wear cloth! I miss seeing all your cute diapers! Hopefully you can be back in cloth Monday or Tuesday.
Sleep: One night you slept 6.5 hours! And I slept 6! I woke up and panicked and put my hand on your chest to make sure you were breathing! That only happened once though. After you wake up to eat, you usually go back to sleep right away, so we are lucky! In the morning if you don't want to sleep by yourself, I sometimes let you eat and then come to bed with me for another hour or two. You LOVE that! You have started grunting a lot in your sleep. I don't know if you are having tummy troubles or just dreaming about breaking out of your swaddle!? Often before you fall asleep you scream and cry a lot. I know your tired cry, but people think it sounds very distressing! We just keep bouncing/swinging and shushing you and then suddenly you will be out!
Eating: You still love to eat a lot! You are an efficient eater. At the BF group I love to be able to do a weigh and feed so I can see how much you are getting in the short amount of time you eat! On Monday you ate 3.5 ounces on one side in under 10 minutes!
Likes: You have discovered your hands and you like to suck on them. We are excited you are starting to do it to soothe yourself. You also love to lay in our bed to sleep and snuggle with me. You are also starting to really like baths. You get baths in the big tub now with a bath chair and you think it is fun!
Dislikes: Having your face washed. We save that for the end of the bath so when we are done, we can scoop you up and hold you and then you are happy! You also don't like waiting to eat when you want to eat NOW. 
Oh! And this: This week was Family Fest at church and you were a rockstar! First, you were the star of the show. Second, everyone was so amazed at what a good baby you were the whole time. You spent most of the time sleeping in the carrier and you were very content. 
New Tricks: You smile at us a lot now! It is the best feeling ever. It melts my heart every time! 

Sleepy smiles

Baby jeans shorts!

Visit to Peck Farm and a butterfly landed on you!

Bedtime faces

Middle of the night snuggles


Mommy snuggles

I came upstairs and found my boys sleeping

Father's Day

Father's Day

Father's Day visit to the Nature Center

Father's Day visit to the Nature Center 

The first time he laid for an extended time awake with his paci

All smiles after sleeping 6.5 hours!

Tummy time

Big yawns

First night of Family Fest

Cute faces!

Trip to the Farmer's Market

Alone time with mommy at the fair

First time playing by yourself for over 20 minutes

Sleepy face

Best Family Fest volunteer!

Hard worker!