Monday, April 14, 2008

Steph's New Floors April 08

Finally! Even though I had planned to replace my floors since I moved in, a year and a half later I am finally getting around to it...thank goodness for tax returns! Here are the pictures of the demolition, installation and my finished floors. I am so excited about them! I did the whole downstairs-living area, kitchen and bathroom. Well...the bathroom is a work-in-progress right now. For those of you who have seen my crazy textured walls...we are in the process of trying to get ride of them by mudding, sanding, mudding, get the idea! Thank goodness my dad is so smart and did his laminate floors a couple years ago. Adam and I tried to help the best we could!

My carpet (very nicely hidden under my couch)

Every tile in my kitchen was cracked!

The tiles came out very easily...I had fun ripping them up too!
Adam and Dad ripping the carpet out. We did the tile and the carpet all in one day.
Adam taking one of the many loads to the dumpster. Thank goodness he brought his little wagon over from his house.

Patching the cement floor. The carpet came out easily, but we had to pull the nails out of the cement which left big craters in some areas.

The first couple rows. I loved it already!

Me helping hold the boards while dad cut. I made sure Adam took a picture so you all could see that I helped too!

We got the front room done in one Saturday!

Back to work on Sunday to install the floors in the kitchen.

I rotated this picture, why is it back on it's side???
Dad really loved laying the boards against the wall!

Adam really loves when I make us take pictures like this!
But don't we look good in our safety goggles??

Dad laying the last board! We finished the kitchen on Sunday.

My finished living room! (view from the kitchen table)

View from the stairs...someone needs to dust the TV cabinet!

View from the front door. Can you tell I love the floors?!?

View of the wall between the kitchen and living room.

My kitchen!

I love my floors! Now let's see if we can get this bathroom project completed!

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Unknown said...

I love the floors!! And all the paint colors still look great! I see what you are saying about the table...makes me want a dark one too!