Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day BBQ

Mom and Dad had a small get together for Memorial Day. They had some of their friends, I had some of mine and Uncle Richie and Elizabeth even stopped by. We had a lot of fun enjoying the sun and BBQing out.

My friends playing bags after Adam and I lost.
(I have to admit....it's mostly because I made it in the hole oh...about once!)
Bridget and Katie
Josh and Tony and Adam
Mom and her friends Sue and Cindy
Katie (my good friend from college) playing with mom and her 2 friends
Dan and Josh (Katie's fiancee) playing all 4 women

Mark, Dad, and Tony (Bridget's fiancee)
Dad, Tony, Bridget and Adam
Bridget and Adam

Biggest Bash of the Year

On Saturday night we went out to celebrate my birthday with my friend Bridget. Her birthday is 5 days before mine and we always celebrate them together.

Adam is happy because I didn't reach out my arm and take this picture myself.

Adam with his 2 of his 4 brothers.
(Aaron, Andy, Adam)

Bridget, me and our friend Robin

Adam and his brother Andy

Bridget and her fiancee Tony

Special Flower Delivery

I arrived home from work on my birthday and found these beautiful flowers at my front door from my wonderful sister. She said she couldn't get to a post office to send me a card, but she could get to a cyber cafe! =)

This is the very cool plant I got from Adam for my birthday.
Now I just need to find out how to care for it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Steph and Adam go to Michigan (May 2008)

Adam and I went to Michigan over the weekend to just get away and to visit some wineries in the area. We stayed in New Buffalo right on the harbor. The wineries and wine tastings were way too much fun. We visited 3 and would have visited more...but then we would have had no one to drive us back to the hotel! We also visited a state park and walked on the beach by the dunes and enjoyed the sunshine.

The Round Barn Winery
This was our favorite!

Tasting at the Round Barn Winery. It was fun and there was yummy wine!

Adam checking out the vines.

At the Tabor Hill winery with the vines in the background.

At the harbor beach by our hotel, we saw these deer coming out to get a drink...with my 10x zoom I could get nice and close!

Our hotel from the beach.

The view from the beach.

Adam and I on the beach.

Back on the rock pier in the morning. We tried to climb the rocks, but me doing it in barefeet or flipflops and with a heavy purse wasn't very sucessful. I almost fell in!

At the state park with the dunes in the background. We got to lay on the beach and soak up the sun! We didn't want to come back to reality.

Little Rich (April 2008)

Little Richie playing

Rich, Courtney and Little Richie
Pretending to be shy =)
Little Richie at Big Bear

The whole family