Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farmer Hopkins

Adam has decided that he is going to be a farmer!
He roto-tilled a garden in his field about 160x80 feet!
Last Saturday Adam, his brother Andy, his niece Zondra, and I went out to start planting pumpkins!
Andy raking the hard soil to get it ready for planting.
The view of his barn and field from the soon-to-be pumpkin patch.

The view of the house from the pumpkin patch
I made the holes (I quickly picked the job that didn't require much bending!),
Zondra planted the seeds, and Andy covered them up.

We planted 5 of the 25 rows (to make sure they aren't all ready at the same time!)

Adam had the fun job of raking everything before we started planting.

Hopefully all the rains of this last week didn't wash the seeds out of our perfect rows!

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