Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Next time when Ed says 'no' I am saying 'no' too!"

Those were Adam's words after we finally finished my bathroom project.

The bathroom when I moved in
As we were doing the demolition for my floors, we pulled the vanity away from the wall and it ripped the paint off. Because that was the ONLY room in my house I didn't have painted when I moved in, it wouldn't be easy to touch it up. In addition, it had been painted with a roller and not finished so there was a 2 inch white area all the way around the ceiling (sorry I didn't get that in a picture!). So I decided to repaint it (actually...have it repainted because I'm too much of a perfectionist to paint). Adam's brother Andy very nicely came over to prime the walls and when we saw it with the light color and the CRAZY texture (we finally figured out it was joint compound mixed in the paint and splattered on the walls), I just couldn't stand it! The light color made the texture seem that much weirder.
Andy priming the walls the first time
I wanted to try to sand it down...but everyone told me no.
Dad suggested dry walling the whole thing. I would have been all for that,
but it is expensive to get someone to mud and tape it because everyone said
"I will hang it, but I won't mud and tape!".

Adam's brother Andy had the idea to cover all the walls with mud and sand them down. Dad said no way was he participating in that project...but Adam's brother thought it would work. It seemed inexpensive, so I went with that idea!

So we mudded and sanded....and mudded and sanded....and mudded and sanded...then we thought it was good enough. But then we decided we needed to patch a few spots with mud...and sand again. Then we FINALLY were able to prime the walls. But found several more bad we spackled and sanded and primed again.

Then we FINALLY painted the walls! The walls look pretty good...
but don't look near the baseboards or in the corners!
All I care is that it will look better when I eventually try to sell it. =)

I was so excited to get the bathroom put back together again so Adam hooked up the toilet...and it started leaking all over my new floors. And it was Memorial Day so we couldn't go purchase the parts we needed. That was when I decided this home improvement stuff is for the birds!

I can admit when I am wrong. I should have just paid someone to have it dry walled!
Much less work and mess! But I am happy with the final product!

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