Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The pumpkins are growing! The pumpkins are growing!

Adam went out to his patch to pull the crazy weeds when he noticed that there were weeds growing in a pattern...every 12 inches every 6 feet....wait a must be the pumpkins! He is also excited about the new rototiller he bought to till between the rows in the pumpkin patch. Now it looks REALLY nice!

The freshly tilled field.

Look at those nice rows. I credit the person who poked the holes for the seeds!

The pumpkins plants growing!

Soon we will have to start pulling every other one to make room for them to grow!

The smaller garden where we planted carrots, cucumbers, onions, and corn.

The cucumbers are growing too!


Anonymous said...

hehe, just a suggestion... you may want to pull more than every other one. pumpkins get really large. call me :)

Anonymous said...

that was from me, amy!!!!!!