Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Selling Ice Cream at the Fair

Last week was our church's annual Country Fair. Mom is on the leadership committee that plans the whole fair and I run the ice cream/smoothie booth. We had an awesome year and made lots of money for the church while having fun at the same time!

The view of the fair from the field.

Amy (my co-chair) making change while I work on a smoothie.

Mom stopping by the ice cream booth to say, "hi".

Adam and dad sat talking for a long time and we all thought it was cute. =)
(Look at that 10x zoom on my camera...I was very far away!)

Amy and I were happy about our profits!
Adam REALLY loves when he is asked to hold my purse. Mom made him take this picture so Erin could enjoy seeing him holding the Coach purse she got me for Christmas.

Adam found out soon after we started dating that one of the requirments to dating me was spending a week at the Country Fair every year!

The Hannah Montano impersonator....does it get much better than this???

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Anonymous said...

hey! thats me! hehe i love these pictures, steph!!!

love you