Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Wedding Weekend

On Friday night, my best friend Katie married her now husband Josh. Their wedding was in Ingleside on Long Lake (near Fox Lake). They had a beautiful ceremony in a tent right off the banquet room with the reception immediately following. Katie and I went to NIU together and her and Josh met about the same time Adam and I did. They live in Aurora now, but we are trying VERY hard to convice them to move to Bartlett (I even sent her house listings from the MLS the other day!). Josh has a new rule though and says they won't move to Bartlett until we are married. I don't like that rule!

At the ceremony

Getting ready to leave the hotel

First Dance

My NIU girls

Kristin, Amanda, Katie, me

They had a get together the next day at her family's place on Fox Lake. We had fun outside and they got to open their wedding presents.

I made a shadow box for Katie and Josh with their wedding invitation and a spot for a wedding picture. Mom helped me design it and it was definitely a team effort to make it perfect!

We also enjoyed a ride on the boat!

Mr. and Mrs. Reel =)

We left Fox Lake about 3:00, drove home, showered, changed and got ready for our second wedding of the weekend. My friend Kristina married Damien on Saturday night. I have known Kristina for a couple years because she went to school with my friend Bridget. Damien and I also went to NIU together. Kristina and Damien are both Deaf Ed teachers too.

During the toasts

Kailey was there with her parents because Kristina was Kailey's teacher for many years.

Lots of dancing and drinking in one weekend!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, you look gorgeous steph!!! :-)

love ya

Jaxma99 said...

I can not believe that's Kailey! Holy Mackeral! She's not 9 anymore! And Amy is right! You look fantastic! Nice choices on the dresses!!!