Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pumpkins and Gutters

My view from the lounge chair on Sunday while Adam was cleaning his gutters.
There was a virtual jungle growing out of his gutters. And its like that all up and down his street. They didn't have that where I came from!
Adam decided to leave it at 13 rows for this year rather than the 25 that we marked off. Issues with the rototiller and rain caused a hold up and then Adam decided that 13 rows was good enough for the first year. Now we just need to see some pumpkins!

The view of the pumpkins we planted 5 weeks ago. The rows are 6 feet apart and look how the vines are growing!

Close up of the huge pumpkin plants.

Are those flowers getting ready to bloom?

The rows that were planted about 2.5 weeks ago.

They are coming along nicely!

The rows we planted about a week and a half ago.

Look at the cute little pumpkin plants.

Uh oh! Amy....what is this???

The view of the "little" garden

Last weekend I decided to take on the task of weeding the little garden. I easily weeded the cucumbers and the corn because it was obvious what the weeds were and what the plants were. Then came the onions and carrots....I didn't know what an onion or carrot looked like and there was no obvious pattern. So I jumped in and started weeding what I KNEW were weeds. If I had pulled it elsewhere in the garden, I pulled it there. Then Amy came over with her horticulture experience (she is a horticulture major in college don'tcha know?) and pointed out the carrots and the onions so I could continue weeding the garden. Thanks Amy!

And for those of you that have previously heard me say "I will NEVER have a garden and I will NEVER EVER weed", yes, I am eating my words. But it is so fun to see things grow!

The cucumber plants growing quickly!

Knee high by the 13th of July....close enough!

The cute little carrot plants.

The onion plants....few and far between. They aren't our most sucessful crop!


Randall Williams & Estefanía Lewis said...

Hola, muy lindo tu blog. Soy de Esquel, Patagonia Argentina.
Mauro Mateos

Anonymous said...

hehe. your pumpkins look GREAT!!! they should be blooming any day now!!! AWESOME!!!

lol, and that leaf with the two different colors probably has some disease. it wont harm the pumpkins at all, its just in the leaf. hard to tell from a picture, but it should be fine. if the rest of the plant gets those colors, let me know!

i hope those onions make a come back!!! haha

love you!