Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Steph Rides a Bike

It's true! Anyone that knows me knows that I have strong feelings about riding bikes. Feelings that I hate bike riding. I have probably not ridden a bike in 12 years. 13 years? My parents got my a very nice bike in middle school...but I rode it...oh about 5 times. I always say bike riders look dorky. But I have decided that my issue is not that other people look dorky on bikes, but that I FEEL dorky riding a bike. Adam loves to go riding and he does so a lot, so I decided recently that I want to give it a try. Yesterday I went over to his house to try it out. I was very nervous at first about staying balanced...but it's like riding a bike, you never forget! =) I went a few turns around his drive way, but then I thought the alignment was off because I kept going the wrong way, so I made him try it. He convinced me that the bike was fine and it was all user error! We went around the neighborhood for a little while and after I convinced myself that I wouldn't fall off and smash my face, we went for a ride around a path in Carol Stream. It was a lot of fun! I could have gone further, but Adam was worried if we went too far, I wouldn't make it back. We went about 7 miles and I feel great today! My only complaint is the seat. I definitely need one of those padded seats. I would figure my behind would have enough padding....but apparently not!

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Anonymous said...

haha steph, i love you!!