Monday, July 21, 2008

Weeding, eating, and my house

After working on grad school stuff in front of the computer all day, I decided I needed a break outside. Instead of just laying out and reading, I decided to be productive and go help Adam at his house. He was mowing the lawn and I weeded the little garden that Adam is now calling "Steph's garden" did I get put in charge of it??
As I was weeding, I came across a carrot that somehow found its way into the middle of the cucumbers. Since Amy said they would be edible now...and I trust her....I decided to pull it and see what happened. A carrot came out!
Adam and I both tried it. It tasted like a carrot! It was little and sweet just like Amy said!
As I kept weeding the cucumbers (that are taking over the garden) I discovered lots of little baby cucumbers growing! I didn't notice them yesterday when I took the other pictures!
When I saw the cucumbers, I ran over to the pumpkin patch, lifted up the leaves and found a little pumpkin growing too!
When he was done mowing the lawn (he did it all day yesterday and finished up today after work) he was hoeing (sp??) in between the rows of little pumpkins.
We also pulled the extra pumpkin plants in the middle rows. I pulled every 2, but Adam stuck to every other because it was breaking his heart!

I brought Adam back over by the little garden to see all that I weeded.
My nails are officially ruined, I have a blister on my hand, and 4 bug bites the size of quarters on my back alone (and you know how my body reacts so well to bug bites)...but there is definitely a sense of acomplishment in this! I still hate weeding, but when I am given a job I like to do it well and finish it. So I went up and down all 10 rows and there isn't a weed to be found!
Oh and I counted and in the whole 20 feet there are only 9 onions. But the ones that are there are healthy!

I figured with all the pictures from Adam's house, I better include my own garden too! These are my tomato plants that my friend Diane gave me for my birthday when I told her that Adam and I were going to get into gardening (she has a ginormous garden at her house). I decided to keep them at my house so I could take daily care of them!

Diane also gave me green peppers and jalapenos.
The garden on the side of my house that I am so proud of. I love to see my flowers grow!

The front of my house. My garden flag is a bit fishnagled (dad is that how you spell that?) because the lawn care people ran it over. Grrr.
I didn't want my house plants to get jealous, so I took pictures of them too. The spider plant is Filomena. She is from my friend Tracy who has had the original since college. Baby Aloe was from mom to Adam at Easter because he always wanted one. But he won't take care of it at his house, so it got to join all of my plants.
These are the rest of my house plant family. They don't have names...yet!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I am SO EXCITED!!!

hehe! That is a mighty fine looking carrot! I'm glad it tasted yummy.

It wont take long until those cucumbers are full size!!! They look great.

Same with the pumpkins. Oh, and when they get to be a bigger size, be sure to rotate them (which side is laying on the ground) so they dont rot on that side. Other wise if you leave them that one way, you can get a lot of diseases and they wont be edible. (I hope that made sense haha)

Hehe, those poor onions. Hey, at least you know now!! ;-)

lol, and you did spell hoeing right!

I am totally serious when I say I want to come over and weed with you guys one day!!! Thanks for all the pic updates, you guys rock.

love you,