Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update on the Veggies

The pumpkin patch

The ginormous pumpkin....see the one behind it? That is a normal sized pumpkin! This is the same one Adam has his hand on just keeps growing!

Several growing near each other

Two pumpkins in the second wave growing near one of the oldest ones. The oldest pumpkins have vines that reach over 12 feet away!
Adam and Andy tried to build an electric fence to keep the raccoons away. So far it has not been very successful! Every morning Adam goes out there and they have stolen more ears of corn! Apparently they don't mind a little zap every now and then!

I can't wait for the sweet corn to be ready!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Cake

This is the cake I made at the final class tonight. I like this cake decorating stuff. =)
Just don't look too closely at the stems....I wasn't thrilled with them.
Now I need to take Course 2!

Hens and Chicks

Ummm....Amy...I am doing a bad job with this plant. It is not so healthy. I tried looking it up in my friend's plant book and I didn't get any good tips. Usually I have a green thumb. But I'm doing a bad job with this one!

Fun on the Boat

I went out boating with friends from work on Saturday. One of the girl's dads owns a small little 47 foot 3 bedroom 2 bathroom yacht that we enjoyed out on the Illinois River.

Clown Cakes

Here is the cake I made at class last week. I am waiting for dad to send me pictures of mom's!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Pumpkin Update

Adam called me over the other night to stop by and see a pumpkin he found in the patch because it is so big!

This is no 18-22 pound pumpkin!

Although the pumpkins look very healthy, the plants are starting to die off. We don't know if this is normal...but the pumpkins weren't supposed to be ready for another 60 days! Good thing pumpkins last a long time!

My Cousin the Hero

As you saw in the pictures below, Courtney, Rich, and Little Richie had a lot of fun on their trip out east. However, they encountered a bit of excitment as well. Courtney writes about it below...

On our trip to Misquamicut, Rhode Island this summer, Rich rescued 3 people from the ocean. Rich was sitting on shore watching the ocean when he noticed a boat in the distance. The waves were big and the boat was getting hit by the waves pretty hard. Rich was watching from the shore and noticed what was unfolding. The people then started to jump overboard thinking that the boat was going to capsize. Rich noticed that they were in distress, so he swam out 3 times to get each person and bring them to shore. The last guy, who couldn't swim and was wearing a life vest that was too small for him, began to flail about while Rich was holding him. He had given up because he swallowed alot of water and he was pulling Rich down with him. Rich thought about Richie and knew he didn't want to drown so Rich elbowed the guy in the head to chill him out and get control. He was then able to safely bring him back to the shore. Coast Guard, Helicopters, etc. arrived shortly after Rich brought them to shore. Richie and I were in the beach house sleeping while Daddy was out being a hero. Richie woke me up and told me that there were helicopters on the beach, when I looked outside I was amazed by what I saw! We are very proud of him.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The never ending vegetables

I know I am a little camera crazy with these vegetables...but they are so exciting. I took all of these pictures on Friday. Don't worry, Adam watered today...I know the soil is dry!
Carrots bursting out of the ground!

Adam pulled one and said, "W-w-w-w-wh-what's up doc?"

A little onion growing. You may ask, "Where is that big onion?" just like I asked when I came over. Adam would answer you (just like he answered me)...a little sheepishly,
"I pulled it. I just had to see what was underneath!"

There are lots of ears of corn growing!!!

The corn is very exciting! How do you know when corn is ready?

The cucumbers are out of control. Every time I go to pick some, they have grown a ton in just a few days!
Here come the pumpkins! I took lots of pictures of the pumpkins!

You may be thinking, "Why is that pumpkin orange? This is too early!" But we planted them in the right amount of time for them to be mature in October...we shall see!

These things are HUGE!

So much for walking over and having my kids carry them back to school. They weigh more than my 3 year olds do!

The little pumpkins in the next "wave". They are 3 weeks behind.

Sea of pumpkins

Notice the barn on the right side of the picture.
Now look at the building all the way on the left side of the picture...that's my school!
Adam decided to take my car "off roading" to load up all the cucumbers we picked.

Adam wouldn't let me take another picture of him in the corn. He said it was my turn.

We picked 18 large cucumbers....

and 16 small to medium sized ones!!!
They all taste yummy. And so did the carrot!
If I take this many pictures of vegetables...can you imagine what I will be like when I have kids??

Ninja Turtles and my Veggies

I baby-sat Chase Thursday and Friday. He LOVES the ninja turtles and was having fun playing with my golf clubs turned turtle weapons.
"Aunt Stephanie, I am Leonardo!"

"Uncle Adam, you be the Foot Clan!"

My green pepper coming along!

Here come my peppers!

My tomato plants are producing as well.

Fun at the Sox Game

Although we are Cubs fans, my friend Bridget is a HUGE Sox fan and we went with her and some friends to a game on Wednesday night.

Adam wanted me to get a close up of Ken Griffey Jr.

Playing with my zoom. I used my 10x Optical to find friends of one of the guys we were with (who were sitting across the stadium). Then I used my digital to get even closer so he could pick them out!