Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Cousin the Hero

As you saw in the pictures below, Courtney, Rich, and Little Richie had a lot of fun on their trip out east. However, they encountered a bit of excitment as well. Courtney writes about it below...

On our trip to Misquamicut, Rhode Island this summer, Rich rescued 3 people from the ocean. Rich was sitting on shore watching the ocean when he noticed a boat in the distance. The waves were big and the boat was getting hit by the waves pretty hard. Rich was watching from the shore and noticed what was unfolding. The people then started to jump overboard thinking that the boat was going to capsize. Rich noticed that they were in distress, so he swam out 3 times to get each person and bring them to shore. The last guy, who couldn't swim and was wearing a life vest that was too small for him, began to flail about while Rich was holding him. He had given up because he swallowed alot of water and he was pulling Rich down with him. Rich thought about Richie and knew he didn't want to drown so Rich elbowed the guy in the head to chill him out and get control. He was then able to safely bring him back to the shore. Coast Guard, Helicopters, etc. arrived shortly after Rich brought them to shore. Richie and I were in the beach house sleeping while Daddy was out being a hero. Richie woke me up and told me that there were helicopters on the beach, when I looked outside I was amazed by what I saw! We are very proud of him.

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