Saturday, August 16, 2008

The never ending vegetables

I know I am a little camera crazy with these vegetables...but they are so exciting. I took all of these pictures on Friday. Don't worry, Adam watered today...I know the soil is dry!
Carrots bursting out of the ground!

Adam pulled one and said, "W-w-w-w-wh-what's up doc?"

A little onion growing. You may ask, "Where is that big onion?" just like I asked when I came over. Adam would answer you (just like he answered me)...a little sheepishly,
"I pulled it. I just had to see what was underneath!"

There are lots of ears of corn growing!!!

The corn is very exciting! How do you know when corn is ready?

The cucumbers are out of control. Every time I go to pick some, they have grown a ton in just a few days!
Here come the pumpkins! I took lots of pictures of the pumpkins!

You may be thinking, "Why is that pumpkin orange? This is too early!" But we planted them in the right amount of time for them to be mature in October...we shall see!

These things are HUGE!

So much for walking over and having my kids carry them back to school. They weigh more than my 3 year olds do!

The little pumpkins in the next "wave". They are 3 weeks behind.

Sea of pumpkins

Notice the barn on the right side of the picture.
Now look at the building all the way on the left side of the picture...that's my school!
Adam decided to take my car "off roading" to load up all the cucumbers we picked.

Adam wouldn't let me take another picture of him in the corn. He said it was my turn.

We picked 18 large cucumbers....

and 16 small to medium sized ones!!!
They all taste yummy. And so did the carrot!
If I take this many pictures of vegetables...can you imagine what I will be like when I have kids??

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Those carrots and onions look fabulous! Hehe.

Hehe I can let you know about the corn if I can show you!!!

Holy crap, there's SO MANY CUCUMBERS. hehe