Friday, August 08, 2008

Turning Pumpkins makes me crabby!

I have decided I hate the task of turning pumpkins! It is a true jungle in there! We did it yesterday decked out in long pants, long shirts and gloves and it is still a scratchy, itchy, buggy job!
As we turned this pumpking the stem broke....oops...but isn't this a cute picture?
And the pumpkin is cute too!

One of the pumpkins turning orange in the field. Very cool! It was exciting to see so many.
But Amy...zoom in on this that the start of powdery mildew??? It was all over most of the leaves so Adam sprayed last night. I kept saying I was going to have powdery mildew rot my face!!!
This is the pumpkin that we pulled out last weekend. Adam left it out and it turned bright orange (cool!) but also rotted out (gross!). I made him get rid of it finally!
This is a super cool picture! Look how much they grew in 5 day?!?!!?
Now we just need to figure out how to keep the racoons away!

Are these silks?

I know these are tassles!

Anyone need cucumbers?
There are enough to share with everyone we know....and their mother!

Although turning pumpkins made me crabby, seeing all the growing vegetables made me happy!

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Anonymous said...

1. Hehe, I'm sure if you leave that pumpkin outside it will turn orange :D

2.I AM SO PUMPED ABOUT THE CORN!! hehe that makes me so excited. I'm so proud of you.... you are right about the silks and the tassles

3. OOook, powdery mildew. It's a strong possibility thats what you guys have. The more humid it gets, the more it spreads... and it's pretty darn humid out there. As the disease gets worse, the spots get larger and tons of spores will form.

-Dont water at night
-Avoid getting water on the leaves of the plant. Water the soil and roots
-Spray spray spray fungicide. since it's pretty early, your plants should recover.
-Remove the really bad leaves (if not all of them) so it doesnt spread. DONT use those leaves in any compost cuz it will spread in that compost and you'll have it everywhere. Bag them and let the garbage man take it.