Saturday, August 02, 2008

Turning Pumpkins

Amy came over today to check out the growing vegetables.
She found one in the pumpkin patch that had a hole in it.
It was very sad to pull it off the vine and throw it away.
Amy and I walked through the whole pumpkin patch turning all the pumpkins so they don't get mushy on one side. I wore jeans, but my arms are all scratched up! Amy was in shorts; I can't imagine what her legs look like!! It is like making your way through a jungle!

We were excited about all the big pumpkins we found.

Where is Amy??
"Oh My!" she said when she found a big one!

The rows of the second "wave" of pumpkin plants.

There we are waist high in pumpkin plants!
Adam was "supervising".

My hand on the is huge!

The barn from the front (Kate, this is for you!).

Adam standing next to a stalk of corn!

Amy holding a ginormous cucumber. We each brought one home to eat. It was delicious!

There are tons of them!

The biggest onion plant! We also found some more baby ones today, so there might be about 15 total!

The carrot plants are super healthy! The only problem is the cucumbers and their "tentacles" (as I call them) are trying to strangle the carrots!

We pulled another carrot today. I was a little freaked out by it's "legs", but our horticulture expert said that it probably hit a rock on the way down and that is what caused it. She thinks that might happen to several of them considering while weeding she pulled out pottery and spark plug wires from the gardens! P.S. The carrot was yummy, the 3 of us shared it.

Charcoal likes to be part of the action and was rubbing all up on Amy as she worked in the garden. She came over to get in the middle of everything as we looked at the onions too!


Anonymous said...

hahaha. oh that poor pumpkin!!!! sad day, indeed.

MY LEGS ARE TORN UP hahaha... while i was waiting for my car, i realized how uncivilized i looked with the bug bites and torn up knees. hahaha.

but seriously. i love playing in your gardent. it made my day for sure!!

hehe the legs. that's my favorite part.


Anonymous said...

ps i love when you update. <3