Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Flood of '08

At least that is what Adam and I are calling it. I know there is crazy flooding everywhere....I had to avoid several flooded roads on the way home from Religious Ed this morning in Schaumburg. This afternoon, Adam and I drove around our neighborhoods and took some pictures, because we just can't believe the horrible flooding. We feel so bad for the unlucky people who just happen to live in the areas that flooded so bad. Luckily, back in 1886, farmers built their houses on the highest part of their land, so his house is fine. The cellar is always....but that is why it is nice he has a cellar and not a basement! So far, where I live is OK. The end of my street is completely under water, but I can access my house from the other end of the street. Most of the side streets in my neighborhood are underwater too...but luckily, many are high enough to stay fairly dry.

Lake Stephanie

My sidewalk

At the end of my street!
The close grass is my side of the street and the deck that is almost flooded is across the street.

On the way to Adam's house

Check out the water up to this lady's thighs!

In front of my school

Good thing it isn't a school day!

A truck across the street from my school. The water is past his tires. Luckily my school sits high....I think we will be OK.

Adam's brother's backyard. A huge tree came down this morning, they think the ground just got too saturated. They have a large retention area in their backyard and it is totally flooded up to their shed and sewage is backing up in their basement. =(

If you were wondering about the pumpkins, so far they are OK....but they are sitting in some water. If the rain stops, we will go wading and pick them tomorrow.

Adam's aunt's backyard. =(

Adam's street

How does this happen??

This is up the street from me....we can't figure out what could have happened.

Check out the speed limit sign.

Lake Bartlett
This is an intersection in downtown Bartlett. I guess I'm not going to Jewel today!

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Jen Vincent said...

Holy cow!!!! We were out this weekend and obviously this week but we didn't see anything that bad! We live way north in Mundelein so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I know at school on Monday one of my students didn't come to school because the bus couldn't get to his stop. Bummer! Hopefully everything will go back to normal soon!