Monday, September 08, 2008

Picking, Hauling, and Washing Pumpkins

The new sign I got for Adam!

We like to name the pumpkins. This one is "Jabba the Hut"

Before we started picking....

We had to haul lots of pumpkins from the field to the barn. I don't so much like the hauling. I walked around and cut pumpkins off the vines and piled them into 3 piles. Adam hauled them up to the barn. When I was done picking I had to help with the hauling. Not my favorite!

We picked 73 pumpkins!

Then we got to go and do my VERY favorite activity....turning pumpkins! These are pumkins in the 2nd and 3rd wave. They are nice and big! Just as we finished hauling and turning, mom and dad showed up to help us wash the pumpkins. (I think they waited at the end of the street until the hard labor was done!)

We took a break and Adam, Dad, and I went upstairs in the barn to check out the layout (Mom even joined us up the scary stairs!). Dad is going to work his magic on the computer and come up with some design ideas. Who needs an architect???

Mom rinsing the pumpkins to get the chunks of dirt off.

Dad picked them up, mom washed them, dad dipped them to rinse off the soap, I wiped them with bleach, and Adam carried them inside.

This is a cool stem!

This was one of our two largest pumpkins (now the largest....sad face...). When I tried to turn it on Friday, the stem broke off, so there is a little green on the back still. But it is ginormous!

We put some of the semi-green ones outside to riped in the sun. Although if you noticed the weather today, the rain didn't so much help!

All of the pumkins inside! We have a total of 107 pumpkins now!

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Jen Vincent said...

Ohmigosh! I love it! Just this year I started to plant just basic flowers and hostas in front of our house. I would love to do a garden some day and grow real stuff we could eat but you are a professional! That is sooo cool! I love how you talk about the barn like everyone has a barn! :) Very cool!