Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pumpkins Update

Good pumpkins in the new batch!

We have picked most of the pumpkins in this section!

Sad pumpkins ruined by too much water =(
But luckily, there weren't TOO many!

We picked 30 more good ones on Friday!

The biggest one we have!

The last of the cucumber crop
(Not including the 13 jars pickling in my refrigerator!)

Adam digging out carrots

That is a sad stumpy carrot!

Most of the carrots turned into gross yucky orange goo.

The slime residue in the ground

All of the ruined carrots. =(
What happened???

The last of the corn. We did get two good ears, and they were yummy!

Overall, we apparently rock at growing cucumbers. The onions are wimpy. The carrots were good until they turned into orange mush. Too much rain? We waited too long to pull them? We don't know. The corn was infested by bugs. But the pumpkins are looking good still! Let us know when you are ready to buy your pumpkins for Halloween! I know a great place for you to get them!

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