Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turtle Power!

Today is Chase's 4th birthday and he had his friends party at the "birthday capitol of the world" (as they said during their show) at the famous Chuck E. Cheese's yesterday! After taking my cake decorating class this summer, I was motivated, so I volunteered to bake him a cake for his birthday. He chose Ninja Tutles and I was instructed to make Leonardo....the blue one. After spending quite a bit of time on ebay (this pan came out in 1991), I finally got the cake pan! This was my first character cake, and I definitely learned a lot. Especially looking at it from the top....I know I need to put the stars a wee bit closer together. But for the most part, I am pretty darn proud it actually looks like a Ninja Turtle!

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Anonymous said...

You are quite talented in the cake making department,a skill that will come in handy all life long !