Monday, October 27, 2008

The End is Near

Our huge summer project is coming to an end. Halloween is 4 days away and soon there will be no market for pumpkins. Because we want them all to go to a good home, I invited my students' families to come pick a pumpkin this week after school. I had 3 families come today and it makes me happy to send them to a good home! After they left, I realized I better move the pumpkins inside because it is supposed to get below 30 degrees tonight. Oh, and did I mention it snowed today? Yes, it is October 27th and it snowed. At first, when we were putting kids on the bus, there were a few snowflakes. I wasn't really thrilled with that, but you couldn't call it "snow". Then when we were unloading the next group of kids after lunch, I noticed more snowflakes. We said, "Snow, go away!". Well after school, it started snowing. I mean the type you look out the window and all white was coming down. Now, that makes me crabby. It didn't last long, luckily, but that is when I realized the pumpkins had to come inside.

Now we have a total of 56 good pumpkins on the hay wagon INSIDE the barn.

There are 20 pumpkins left in the field. They are all ones that have lots of green on them. I went into the field today to get any good ones and picked two. Not enough warm sun to ripen them! The last project will be taking out those last pumpkins and the rototilling the field under before it snows. That will not be a fun job for Adam!

There are 27 pumpkins on the hay wagon that are very green that never ripened either. Earlier when it was still hot, the ones with green would ripen. Not any more. I left these out in the cold because we have enough good ones and I had already carried 32 inside and it was starting to snow again.

These are 3 of my favorite pumpkins and we brought them to my house to enjoy. I come in my garage all the time, so I am going to have to make a point to go out front, snow and all, and appreciate them. The one in the back is neat because it is tall and skinny. The one on the left is "Jabba the Hut" because in real life he is fatty looking. The one on the right doesn't have a name but he is really cool because he is dark orange and has really deep ridges and a cool stem.

This would probably be the perfect pumpkin (and it is huge!) if it has ripened. But I still think it is cool and I don't want him to go to waste, so he is hanging at my house too!

Now you can appreciate the pumpkins on my front step....and did that political sign get in the picture???? =)

Uncle Dave's House

We had a get together at Uncle Dave's house yesterday (Sunday). Of course Christian was the hit of the party and I had a lot of fun videotaping him and taking pictures of him! He crawls so fast and is a man on a mission! I can't believe he is 11 months old already! At one point he was playing with this toys in a "squatting" position (which was way cool that he could do that) and then he stood up! We all cheered and yelled for everyone to look and he look around at us and sat right back down! Then he crawled to his mama and you know he wanted to say, "What was everyone yelling for?? I certainly won't be doing THAT again!". Enjoy the slideshow of pictures and video!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Selling Pumpkins

We have been selling pumpkins at the pumpkin patch over the last several weeks. We have a crazy busy October and didn't have a chance to advertise to the public, but we have had many friends and family come to buy their fall pumpkins for decorations and pumpkin carving! Here are a few pics of the pumpkin buying fun!
Linsey and Kailey

Zondra (Adam's niece), Michael (Adam's nephew) and their friend

Emily and Elizabeth

Uncle Richie picking out pumpkins with the girls

Carina and her son Zachary picking a pumpkin
Zachary goes to school in the deaf program that I used to work for

Zachary helped me cut the stem off the vine

Zachary and me signing "Pumpkin"

Wedding Fun

Adam's brother Tony got married to Jessica on Saturday. I took 230 pictures but I won't subject you to all of them! Here is a slideshow of my favorites. They got married at a church in Batavia and then the reception was at Moretti's. Jessica was beautiful and the boys were very handsome. We had a lot of fun and I am just a little tired today! =)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sneaky "Hole Makers"

I posted last time about some holes in the pumpkins on the floor of the barn and outside. We have covered all the pumpkins outside the barn with plastic and that seems to be keeping them away. We then put all the pumpkins on the hay wagon because up until that point, those had stayed safe. However, apparently the animals are more determined than we are. Adam's brother saw him on his street yesterday and said he thought kids had gotten into the barn and poked holes in them! Upon further investigation, Adam found a bunch of pumpkins on the hay wagon ruined, but it was clearly these sneaky animals. Beautiful perfect pumpkins! They just make these tiny holes and take out all the seeds! It is a little painful to see.

Two outside

All the ruined ones taken off the hay wagon

Why do they have to keep doing it OVER AND OVER?

The hay wagon is high off the ground, so it must be an animal that can climb!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cards, Squirrel, Pumpkins, Baby, Crater, and the City

Here is a post that contains a bunch of random pictures of things that have going on lately!

Mom at the SHS craft show selling her cards. I was able to sit with her for a little while before my meeting. She sure is talented!

I was leaving work one day when I heard a weird sound and I looked behind me and this crazy squirrel was running around like crazy on the vertical roof. I think if it stopped moving, it would have fallen off!

The pumpkin business is going well. We have been able to start selling pumpkins from "Hopkins' Pumpkin Patch" to family and friends! More pumpkins were picked today. Sad news is that an animal has gotten into many of the pumpkins. Our HUGE one in the barn now has a big hole in it and they got into several in the patch last night. It is very weird though....many of them just have a small hole in them and all the seeds are taken out. What type of animal would do that????

Little Layla at our college friend's housewarming party last weekend with her daddy. Isn't she precious??? I was a bit of a Layla hog and held her most of the time. I got to feed her and she fell asleep in my arms!

I came home from work on Tuesday, opened the front door (from the inside) to check the mail and found this crater outside my front door! I was just a bit surprised! But the new sidewalk looks great and my front stoop is no longer all uneven and cracked!

Friday night we went down to the city for Adam's brother and his fiancee's bachelor/bachelorette party. We took one of those SUV limos and had a lot of fun. I haven't been out until 4:00 am in I don't know how long!

That's it for updates!