Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun

This month at school I did a castle theme (as you probably saw on my classroom blog) and we had our culminating event along with a family activity intertwined with Halloween on Friday. Miss Erin and I both did the castle theme this month, so we hosted a "Pumpkin Ball" on Friday complete with story telling, snacks, crown-making, and of course tasty treats. I was a princess using the bridesmaid dress that one of the girls wore in Adam's brother's wedding! Miss Erin was Audrey Hepburn, but called herself a princess for the kids!

Miss Stephanie and Miss Erin as princesses

Last night Adam and I went out with his brother and wife for Halloween so I pulled out the handy cat costume!

The token "take a picture of ourselves"!

Jessica, me, and Devon

P.S. I only got 1 real trick-or-treater yesterday. I LOVE Halloween and it made a me a little sad. I got two 8th grade-ish boys who were not in costumes that came around right at 7:00, but I didn't want them to smash my pumpkins and it kind of made me happy to hand out candy, so maybe I can say that I had 3....????

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