Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Weekend

Friday night:
Working on portfolios. They are a GREAT way to show progess using authentic assessment by using pictures and anecdotal notes. They do, however, suck my will to live. Sometimes I wish I could just do report cards! Aunt Kris, this is the fun you have to look forward to in Early Childhood Education!

Religious Ed
Celebrating Andy's birthday (Adam's bro)
First, Dinner at Amanda and Aaron's house....thanks!
Second, The New James Bond Movie
(If you like a lot of action and very little plot...this is the movie for you! It was definitely no Casino Royale (which I thought had an interesting plot line). Just as a plot started to develop (very weakly, but at there was one), the movie ended!)
Third, Drinks at BluRazz

Interpreting at church
Making cheesy potatoes
Christian's First Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday to my First Cousin Once Removed!

The worst part of the weekend.....
It is November 16 and it is SNOWING. Real Snow! And it was sticking too because there was a thin layer of snow on Adam's car when we got back to Mom and Dad's from the birthday party.

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Anonymous said...

So, since you commented, I thought I'd return the favor.

Quantum of Solace is the dumbest name for a James Bond movie ever.

When are WE going for drinks at Blue Razz?