Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Celebrations

On Thanksgiving morning Adam and I went to church with Mom and Dad. Then we went over to their house to get the cooking and preparing started! Everyone came over and we had a really enjoyable dinner. After dinner Christina came over with her boyfriend Paul and baby Christian. We love to see him (and them!). And to top off the night, Emily and Elizabeth also came by later!

Peeling the sweet potatoes (one of the dishes I was responsible for)

Adam chopping them for me...they were very hard!

Mom handing out Christmas ornaments

Mom cooking

Me and Adam =)

The whole gang that was there for dinner. If you don't recognize the guy to the left of Uncle Jimmy, that is his friend who is in from out of town who had no place to go for Thanksgiving dinner.
(starting from the far left going clockwise: Dad, Uncle Richie, Dan, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Dave, Grandpa, Uncle John, Aunt Mary, me, Adam, Mom)

Christian taking after his great Uncle Ed!

Uncle Jim, Grandpa and Uncle Dave enjoying YouTube clips of people on Jet Packs getting into accidents. (Grandpa felt the need to sit down in the 3 inches of couch in between his sons!)

Christian making a Christmas list with all the Black Friday sale ads

Christian and his grandma (Aunt Mary)

Uncle Dave with his great nephew

Uncle Richie and Emily


Me doing ball squishes...
See...the story work in the motor room (see the Inde Therapy Kids blog listed on my class website) the OT does ball squishes with my kids and I have always thought I would like someone to push on me with a big ball. So I convinced Dad and Emily to do it to me on Thanksgiving. I did it to Emily too and she agreed it felt good!

Me and Adam checking out the sale ads for Black Friday
(Mom and I went shopping on Friday. At a normal shopping time (9:00) not a Black Friday shopping time, but we still got some great deals!
On Friday, Adam's brother (Aaron) and his wife (Amanda) had the whole gang over for the Hopkins family Thanksgiving. They only have a table that seats 8 (and we were 15) and they didn't want to use card tables because their table is bar height and it would be uneven. So.....Aaron built an extension at the right height that matched their dining room table perfectly. Way impressive!
From the left around clockwise:
Austin, Heidi, Chase, Zowie, Amanda, Sue (their aunt), Aaron (at the head of the table), Tony, Jessica, Rodney (their dad), Luann (their step-mom), Andy, Zonda, Adam and me (not pictured)
Playing Apples to Apples
(Heidi, Amanda, Zowie, Jessica, Sue, Austin, Chase, Zondra)

Chase with his light saber sword fighting someone (as always)
I had two very fun and filling Thanksgivings. Thank you Mom and Dad and Amanda and Aaron for being such wonderful hosts! And thank you to everyone who so thoughtfully made me yummy vegetarian dishes!

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Anonymous said...

I looked forward to your blog to update me after having to miss the gathering ...with 4 places to go on Thanksgiving, in as many different directions, something had to give. Looks like everyone had a great time.
I tried some online Black Friday specials, but they were unavailable in a matter of minutes.
Glad you were more successful. Happy shopping.....Bonnie