Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Antics at the Preschool

So I had to post this picture, because it is....hilarious! I'm sure you will think back to your teachers, especially your preschool teachers, and not be able to imagine the antics that went on before and after school hours!

It all started with a "poke" on Facebook that was a "cuddle" from my friend Erin at work to me. It led to lunch time conversations about "poking" and the funny things you can do to "poke" someone on Facebook. It soon led to me sending Erin "granny panties" on Facebook. After conversations about the granny panties (and my extreme dislike of the word "panty"), I found myself at the Dollar Store in an aisle with some ginormous granny panties...I had to buy them. I left them in Erin's classroom one morning. I soon got them back, through inter-office mail, with a nice note from our superintendent who was "returning" them to me. (I do need to interrupt this paragraph to add that at this point, I made my status on Facebook about the granny panty situation and Mommom called me to get the details...and everyone thinks it is hilarious that my grandparents are on FB! Go Mommom and Poppop!) A short time later, I had some "gold coins" to return to Erin and I thought the perfect way to do it would be with the assistance of the infamous granny panties. You can check out Erin's blog here to see a visual! After that, the granny panties had appeared to go on hiatus. However, they reappeared yesterday morning with an addition to them! Because I am just finishing up the Twilight series (and as you know, seriously addicted) and Erin read them all already and was pretty addicted as well, we often talk about them at work. She belongs to "Team Jacob", "....because real men don't sparkle" (sorry, Twilight humor) and is not a fan of Edward (one of the main characters). In fact, when the movie came out, she made a T-shirt to wear with the above phrase. Actually, her husband wrote out the slogan on the t-shirt in perfect Twilight font, which I was quite impressed by. So....the granny panties showed up yesterday with this addition:

...written in Twilight font, in red (like blood), sparkly, with drops of blood and all. For those of you not into this new phenomenon, the Twilight series is all about vampires. Now do you get it?


I thought they were so great, I wanted to display them, so I folded them up so they don't look so underwear-ish and clipped them to my filing cabinet until I can think of a creative way to return them!

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