Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

My weekend started with a call at 4:47 am on Friday saying school was canceled. I had a pretty good idea that school was going to be canceled because I woke up several times during the night hearing the ice coming down on my window. Usually I'm all for a snow day....but the day before we are about to have two weeks off anyway??? Come on! However, we were prepared for the chance of a snow day, so I sent home my Christmas gifts for my students and the gifts they made for their parents (see the handprint post below!) early.

After the phone call, I went back to sleep, woke up about 9:30 and did stuff around my house. At 12:00, I went downstairs again to get ready to leave to go to Mom and Dad's.

This is what I saw at the bottom of my stairs.
On my new floors!
I stared at the water for about 30 seconds trying to figure out if I had somehow spilled something. Then I spent another 5 minutes trying to figure out where it was coming from. It wasn't coming from the window or the ceiling. There was a little itty bit that may have been touching the baseboard. I talked to Dad and Adam and they figured it had to be coming from an ice buildup outside.
So I went outside with my scraper from my car (because I don't have a shovel) and pulled the snow away to find this. I couldn't break it. So I called Dad and he told me to use a hammer. I'm sure I looked quite comical out there and I'm not sad no one get any pictures of me. I finally did break up all of the ice (that had water underneath) and pulled it away from the wall of my house. Thank goodness, no more water has shown up.
So about 45 minutes after I planned to, I headed out to Mom and Dad's house. I backed about 25 feet out of my driveway...and got stuck. It was 12:45 and my association still hadn't plowed. After saying a few choice words and kicking the snow away from my tires, I was on my way. On the way there, my gas light came on, so I stopped at the gas station by Mom and Dad's house. They were out of gas. So I continued on and when I started to pull into mom and dad's driveway, I GOT STUCK AGAIN! There were several more choice words said, and mom came out with a shovel. After about 10 more minutes and a lot of forward and reverse and shoveling...we finally got it out and parked on the street. That is when mom noticed my tires were bald. Of course! Who knew you had to check for things like that??
So I went inside and worked on my secret sewing project some more and then mom let me take her car since I had places to go and was going to be busy all day Saturday. Saturday afternoon mom and dad took it to get new tires, but luckily I only had to get one since I have a full sized tire on the back of my car and they could rotate the others! My parents rock.
Friday night, I went to my friend Kristina's house to work on my friend Bridget's wedding invitations. Bridget is getting married in April and I am in her wedding. We had a lot of fun and the invitations are beautiful!
Saturday morning I had religious ed and then at 12:00 I went to another church for a QuinceaƱera Mass (Although it was all in Spanish, I just said what I would say at that point in Mass!). That evening I went to the "reception" and it was fancier than any wedding I have ever been to! Head table, dress (from a bridal shop), chair covers, open bar...the whole kit and kaboodle!
It was a lot of fun, but I can't imagine being 15 and being the center of attention like that! She was beautiful!
Mom, Dad, and Adam picked me up there to go to Chicago for Mom's cousin's annual Christmas Party. After a lot of fun there, we finally came home and I got to drive my car with nice new tires!
Sunday...ALL DAY...for about 6 hours...Adam and I went shopping. In the almost negative 30 degrees (with the wind chill) weather and white out conditions some of the way driving...we got pretty much everything crossed off our Christmas lists. Well...most of my shopping was done already, but I helped him finish his!
What did you do this weekend? Did you go out in the crazy weather? California relatives...I don't even want to hear about your weather!

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