Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cash 4 my Classroom

Ever the bargain hunter, I am always searching for ways to save money and earn money for my classroom. With the holidays rapidly approaching and knowing how many people purchase gift cards around this time and even just go shopping, I wanted to let you know about this! This website, Cash for Classrooms, allows anybody to purchase gift cards, with a percentage of the total purchase being donated to a specified classroom. I have registered for an account on the site and I have already earned money (that I use to purchase supplies for my classroom) by purchasing gift cards for stores I regularly visit such as Jewel, Target, Staples, and gas stations. I figure if I am spending money there anyway, I might as well earn money from doing it! You can purchase gift cards for stores you visit regularly or you can purchase gift cards as gifts. If you pay $25, you receive a $25 gift card. They donate a percentage of your purchase to my classroom. All you need to do is visit the site and sign up for an account!

Go to:
Click on: Parents sign in
Click on: Create your customer account
Fill your shopping cart with gift cards you would like to purchase
Click on: proceed to checkout
Choose the classroom you would like to support:
City: Bartlett
State: IL
Click on: Continue
Click the circle next to: Stephanie Atwell's Preschool
Click on: Continue
Select your shipping method
Click on: Continue Order
Fill out your checking account information (credit cards are not accepted because the charge for running credit cards would eliminate the profit donated to the classrooms)
Click on: Place Order

I love this site because I can earn money for my classroom while shopping at the places I shop at every week! Thanks for supporting my classroom!

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