Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a very busy day for Adam and me. It started off by going to Mom and Dad's at 8:30 to open presents with them, Erin, and Grandpa (we missed Mommom and Poppop!).

This is out of order, but I made a cake for Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's and one for Adam's parents house.

Adam and me on Christmas morning (we are dressed up since we had many places to go!)

Mom, Erin, Grandpa, Dad

The midwife Erin worked with gave mom a gondura, which is traditional Moroccan clothing for women.

Adam gave me a plate I wanted that says "I am the way, the truth, and the life" which is from the Bible (John 14:6) and also part of our favorite Vacation Bible School song, John 3:16.

Here is the song on YouTube

Erin gave dad traditional shoes and Erin's host mom gave Mom traditional shoes.....they are called educan.

Erin gave Grandpa a traditional hat the men wear, called terbush.

We gave dad some fancy thing for his computer!

I gave Adam a GPS. Now he doesn't have to call me to mapquest things all the time!

Then at 11:00, we headed over to his brother's house to celebrate with his brothers, nieces, nephew, and aunt

Chase opening his presents before heading over to his mom's house

It is fun to be with a 4 year old on Christmas!

Tony and Jess opening the "Our First Christmas" ornament we gave them.

Adam got Barak Obama paper dolls. If he is missing them, I will have no idea where they are!

Everyone went in together to get Zowie a laptop. She was super excited!

Andy opening his gifts from Adam.

At 5:00, we all went over to Adam's dad and step-mom's house to celebrate Christmas.

Rodney and Luann

Everyone went in to get their dad and step mom a surround sound system.
They were very surprised!

Adam and his dad both ride bicycles and I saw this wine bottle holder and had to get it for his parents. Adam says it is not a bicycle because it has 3 wheels, but I still thought it was neat!

Aaron and Amanda

Me and Adam

Tony and Jess

I had a wonderful Christmas spent with friends and family. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family to spend the holidays with. I hope everyone else had a fabulous Christmas as well!
P.S. All of the TashelHeet words I wrote are the phonetic spelling in English because TashelHeet does not have a written form. (Tash is the language Erin speaks in her region).

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Anonymous said...

Is playing with paper dolls something that Adam usually likes to do???

What did Adam get you for Christmas?