Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Party Season Starts

This past weekend was a very busy one! It started with my work Christmas party on Friday night. I had a lot of fun and drank a lot of wine....that seems to be a trend with me at Moretti's!

Saturday morning mom and I went to visit my friend Kristin at her craft show. She has started making baby items that are beyond adorable. She has been selling them to friends and through word of mouth, but this was her first attempt at a craft show. Check out her cute items here!

Saturday night Katie and Josh had their annual Christmas party. A couple of us went out to dinner beforehand . We had a boys table and a girls table (I claimed Layla for the girls table before Hector stole her away!). Make sure to check out the cute picture of Ryan and Hector at the boys table alone with a baby. We thought they looked like a cute couple. After dinner, we went back to Katie and Josh's for a fun evening. After the present opening (Layla LOVED unwrapping the presents!), we turned to more adult fun which included board games and a whtie elephant game (check out the Cubs gnome that I didn't win). Thanks Katie and Josh for a very fun party!

Sunday included a Lia Sophia party (like I need more jewelry!), using our Express cash before it expired and interpreting Teen Mass at church.

Enjoy the pictures from Saturday night. I love taking pictures of that little Layla!

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