Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun Downtown

Every year I go downtown with Kailey (the little 3 yr old (who is now 14) who got me started in Deaf Ed), her sister, brother (who was working today and couldn't go) and Aunt Robin (my friend). We drive to Cumberland, take the EL to Washington, walk to Field's (Now Macy's) and eat in the Walnut Room. We have had some crazy years with 8 hour waits for the Walnut Room, but we had good luck this year! The only bad part was it was negative 21 when we left this morning. I took my scarf off my face for the picture, but really when we were outside you couldn't see anything but the whites of my eyes!

In front of the Big Tree by the Kris Kringle Market

Kailey, Linsey, and Robin in front of the tree

Me and Kailey in the Walnut Room. I had the yummy butternut squash tortellacci that I get every year. And Kailey and I split a Frango Mint Pie as always...delicious!

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