Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sewing Project Revealed

I had mentioned several times in posts that I was working on a sewing project; now that it is after Christmas, I can reveal what it was!

Back in August, I was shopping at Joann Fabric for fabric to make cloths for Relgious Ed class for the different liturgical seasons. While I was there, I found this ADORABLE farm fabric. I decided Adam and Amy needed matching farm pillows. I picked up the fabric and the piping and brought it home and forgot about it until the beginning of December!

I went over to Mom and Dad's house and mom helped me pin the fabric all together. Then I showed her that I bought piping too! Oops! So we had to unpin it all and then put the piping in. She showed me how to get the sewing machine all set-up and let me have at it.

Sometimes I was not too happy with the way it got jammed!

But I got them all done!
I'm pretty proud of how they turned out. I wouldn't want anyone looking too closely at the stitching though!

Adam holding his pillows.

Amy opened her pillows last night.

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Jaxma99 said...

We'll make a quilter out of you yet!!!