Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vito-Atwell Christmas

Last night we had our annual Christmas celebration with the Vitos, our non blood related family. We had a yummy dinner and had lots of fun together as always.

During Vacation Bible School this year, Doug did a lot of filming of what was going on and he and Amy made a DVD for Erin so she could see how much we missed her at VBS. They brought it over yesterday for her and as you can see....she was very moved.

We had all of the crew leaders line up and say "Hi" to her and tell her that they miss her. At the end, we also had all 110 kids on the alter and they said, "Hi Miss Erin, we miss you!". That definitely brought tears to her eyes!

Doug opening his dagger from Morocco. He doesn't look TOO excited!

Uncle Joe and Doug

Erin and Amy with a book from Morocco

Adam and Dad

Mom and Aunt Judy

Us beautiful girls!

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