Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

....and mommy, will you take me to my first day of school?

Last night was the first night of my class for this quarter. Unfortunately, the only place the class I need is offered is at the Chicago campus. My school has an Elgin campus (classes there would be great!), Wheeling campus (fine!), Lisle campus (fine!), Skokie campus (not fine) and a Chicago campus (not fine). There is no good way to get to Skokie and it would probably take me over 2 hours to get there by car. It is the same with Chicago. There is no way I can get there in time I have to take the train. The train leaves Bartlett at 3:38. Which means I am going to have to leave work a few minutes early (we put our kids on the bus at 3:30), drive to the train station, park, and run to the platform.

Sounds simple. But the thing is.....I'm not so much a fan of the city OR public transportation. In fact, both of them freak me out and make me very anxious. And my class is at least a 20 minute walk from the train station! Luckily, I have the best mom in the world and she offered to ride with me on the train and find my class the first night. Dad drove down after work to meet her.

Mom on the train

Me on the train
We made it down, walked to class in the -31 wind chill (because if I didn't do it with mom last night, I would never figure out which way to go on my own!), mom left, I had my class, walked back, FOUND the station, got on the RIGHT train, and made it back to Bartlett where Adam picked me up because it was -14 and -34 with the windchill. 1 down. 9 more nights to go!

P.S. My toes were so frozen that I actually took my shoes off in class and sat Indian Style with my feet tucked in my legs on my chair to warm them up, my top and bottom eye lashes were frozen together, and I'm really not sure how I was walking because I literally could not feel my legs.

I thought I would post this because I wore this necklace to class last night because it made me think of summer and summer makes me happy. My friend Erin from work gave this to me for Christmas and I love it!

I also thought you might enjoy our weather this morning. Once again, we have a "cold day" and there is no school. I understand that it is unsafe for kids to be waiting at bus stops and walking to school in this...but we have to come 3 extra days in June!
P.S.S. I know this is a really random rambling post. But what else am I supposed to do on another day off from school?!?!


Anonymous said...

Your mom is awesome. Once you get the hang of the train, it's pretty easy.

One time, I was taking a one-day class downtown, but it was no where near the train station. So, I made Ted drive me and he hung out downtown all day.

You could have gone to school instead of writing a rambling post. ;)

Anonymous said...

My Mom died in my sophmore year in HS so I didn't have anyone to hold my hand during those scarry times. It's nice to hear that you truly appreciate all she does for you. You'll love taking the train once you get familiar with it..altho it sure would be nicer if it was even just a tad bit warmer.