Saturday, January 03, 2009

Drilling and Hanging

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I need a better way to organize my jewelry. I have developed quite the Lia Sophia addiction (but now I accessorize every day!). Because of that, I have way too much jewelry for my little jewelry box. Besides my jewelry box, I had a board to hang my necklaces that I made when I bought my house 2 years ago, but that only holds 24 necklaces! (I made that because I wanted a place to hang my necklaces so they wouldn't get all tangled up in my little jewelry box.) Anyway....I got another board and a bunch of hooks and headed over to Mom and Dad's to use Dad's workshop.

I measured and drilled
(and spaced them to hold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings)

Then I screwed in 76 little hooks

Today Adam helped me hang it up!
I moved my original one up and hung the new one below it.

Now I can see my jewelry all at once, it is organized, and it will be easier to pick out in the morning!

I love having Mommom and Poppop here because they are awesome grandparents and I miss them when they are in California. But that is a given. I also love having them here because of Poppop's tendency to harass. Back in June, when we finally finished my bathroom, Adam said that he was going to get new switch plates and a new GFI (because they painted over the old one) for the bathroom. is now January. The family came over for lunch on New Years Day and Poppop noticed the unfinished business in the bathroom. He immediately started harassing Adam and guess what??? This morning I got my bathroom finished! It ended up being a bit more of a project because when he started removing the old GFI, the power in the bathroom went out. Something about the original electrician putting a screw through a wire....anyway....Adam rewired it and we are good to go!

No more exposed light switches!

The last project of the morning was to hang my new plate I got for Christmas from Adam. I'm very excited about it!

Thanks for all your help today Adam!!!

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