Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Tried Speed Dating!

Did that get your attention? Don't worry, it is not a secret from Adam. It was actually speed dating for a priest. Does that sound even more worrisome? How about if I admit it was actually called a Priest Information Night? That is probably better. I just called it speed dating. =) Let me explain....Our pastor has been at our church for 12 years, which means June 30th he has to leave and we will get a new pastor. Priests can stay at one church for 2 six year terms. Unless there is a very good reason (like there is a crisis in the church or the priest is going to retire in a year), the archdiocese is pretty strict about adhering to the rule. Last January (2008), I was chosen to be on our church's Transition Team. We are a team of about 16 individuals that have been working on the process of preparing our church for transition, writing a report to give to the Bishop (we did that in October), holding parish wide town hall meetings, conducting surveys, and now the fun part....planning goodbye and welcome parties! We have been meeting at least once a month for the last year and during September and October, I think I saw them more than my own family! In addition to being on the Transition Team, I was also on the writing team (a sub group of the Transition Team) that compiled info and wrote the report for the Bishop. Well..the point of this is a week and a half ago, the archdiocese held an Information night where all parishes who will be getting a new priest were invited to set up a table. All eligible priests were also invited. I was chosen to be one of the 4 members of my church to go to the event and represent our parish...hence....speed dating for a priest! There is a meeting held at the end of February where the Cardinal, Bishops, and Priest Placement Board assign all of the pastors. We will find out our new pastor the first week in March. We have been and will continue to pray for them as they prepare to meet and meet and hope the best thing happens for CHS.

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Anonymous said...

Steph.......I don't know where you find the time to do all that you do!! You are amazing.
I'm happy to hear that the trek downtown via Metra is going well.
The groundhog will be out soon, and days are lighter longer...hopeful signs of spring coming..,hang in there!