Friday, January 30, 2009

On the Train

So here I am. Blogging from the train! With my fancy new phone. Tonight was night 3/10 of my class in Chicago. I have actually been taking the train and getting to and from class all by myself! I even take different ways to class depending on the lights! I sometimes wonder when I am walking if it obvious that I am a suburbanite...but I think I fit in pretty well. I was excited to catch an earlier train tonight. Class is supposed to end at 8:20 and I catch the 8:40 train. But we have been getting out early...but not early enough to catch the 7:40 train (which I would have to leave by 7:20 for). So tonight when it was 7:00 and it seemed like we were wrapping up, another lady and I asked if we would be done by 7:20. Our professor said if we weren't, we would be soon after and to just go whenever we had to leave to catch the train! Yah! I'm excited to be getting home at 8:40 rather than 9:40!!! is a picture I took of myself before I got off the train to walk to class...I got this really fashionable head thing that covers everything but my eyes. I know the people in Chicago are definitely not confused about me being a fashionista or anything. But I am warm!


Jaxma99 said...

I think its called a balaklava or something like that.

Jen Vincent said...

You are so brave to be taking a class downtown! I, actually, always wanted to be able to commute downtown and to take the train...or even to live downtown. But then sometimes I think it would be lonely to be on the train all by myself for that long. The cold weather is no fun...but during summertime it would be fun. Before you know it, it won't be as cold and it'll be better. :) Love the picture!

I totally read Angie's post and thought she said you were wearing a baklava...which is totally a Greek dessert! Balaklava is something different though...that could be it.