Friday, January 02, 2009

Water again?

Although we had a beautiful white Christmas, it didn't last long. Last weekend the temperature started to rise and with it came rain. That wouldn't have been a huge problem, except that it melted the many inches of snow we had. There were a couple of streets in my neighborhood closed because of the flooding and unfortunately this flooding hit Adam's house as well.

He went downstairs on Saturday morning to find this in his cellar:

8 or so inches of water found their way into his cellar. His brothers came over to help him and they used a small pump to try to get some out. When it got low enough, they rented a roto rooter and rooted out the drain and finally (at about 10:30 at night) most of the water drained out. You gotta love old houses! Luckily it is a cellar and not a basement and although the water was around the furnace and washer and dryer, no personal belongings of his got ruined.

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