Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad and Adam!

Sunday was dad's birthday and tomorrow (Thursday) is Adam's birthday, so on Sunday night we went to dinner with Mom and Dad to have a dual birthday celebration. We went to Entourage in Schaumburg. None of us had ever been there before and it was delicious! We all thoroughly enjoyed our food and to top it off, Sunday is "Family Night" which meant free soup and dessert! I highly recommend it!

They brought out birthday cake for Dad and Adam...yummy!

The 4 of us...sorry I didn't realize your eyes were so squinty Mom!

Dad and Mom

Me and Adam
(After several tries...I was having major fat neck issues!)

The wrapping paper Mom made for Adam with John Deere stickers!

Delicious See's candy from Mommom and Poppop straight from CA!
Adam was so excited!

The yummy cake mom made with candles with colorful flames.

I got Adam an Obama scrapbook type coffee table book with pockets with souvenirs and memorabilia.
(It made me throw up in my mouth a little bit to spend money on something like that)

Mom and Dad got Adam The Audacity of Hope and Dreams From My Father
(Dad almost kicked Mom out when she came home with those books!)
You can tell how much we love Adam to spend actual real money on Obama merchandise!
Happy Birthday Adam and Dad!!! Love you both!


Anonymous said...

Please extend my best wishes to Adam for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
On your recommendation we'll have to try Entourage soon..

Jen Vincent said...

Happy Birthday!

I have been to Entourage twice and I loved it both times. It's very fancy but it's fun to be fancy sometimes.

On the Obama note...I kind of have a weird crush-type-obsession with Obama in a non-sexual kind of way. I just am so inspired and just interested in what he is doing. I also just feel so connected to him. I'm weird...but does Adam know there is a White House blog? I check it every day to see what's going on. My husband is going to DC next weekend and I already have orders in for him to bring me back anything Obama related. I wish I could go!