Sunday, February 22, 2009

Showering the Bride

I am standing up in my friend Bridget's wedding in April. We (the other bridesmaids, me and a lot of help from mom!) had her bridal shower yesterday at Mom and Dad's house. About 60 people were invited and luckily only 31 adults and 6 kids responded that they were coming! That is still a lot of people to feed for a sit down meal in Mom and Dad's house, but it went really well! Bridget had a great time and that is the most important part!

Dad and I hanging the streamers the night before. Thanks for your help Dad!

Dad made this awesome banner for the front door.

Hmmm...why didn't this turn?
Anyway...the cute favors!
(We had Mexican for lunch, hence the margarita glasses)

The set-up before the people got in there. 5 tables and 36 chairs!

Mom's adorable idea to put the sour cream, guacamole and salsa in margarita glasses as serving dishes on the tables!

Everyone enjoying lunch

Playing the "Almost Newlywed Game"
Becky (the MOH-Bridget's sister) recorded Tony answering questions about Bridget. We asked the questions to the group, Bridget answered, and then we played Tony's answer. It was hard!

My friend Kim and me. Since I was taking all of the pictures, I thought I would take one of the two of us!

Bridget and Tony opening gifts
That one is mine!

Bridget, Tony and his daughter Madi in front of the cake
Hope you had a great time Bridget! We had so much fun planning it for you!

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