Thursday, March 12, 2009

All about Adam is not quite spring yet...but I had to share these pictures!

Adam bowls every Wednesday night. His team just got new shirts that he is just THRILLED about (said with tons of sarcasm. He voted against this design, but as you can see, the middle aged men won! I just had to take a picture!

Adam has a bit of a sweet tooth. This was his dessert one night when we were watching TV. He was serious. I was working on homework and he paused the TV to go get some dessert. I looked up and burst out laughing when he set this down on the coffee table and pressed "play". Then I had to pause the TV to go get my camera! Just LOOKING at that makes me gain 5 pounds!


Anonymous said...

I really want some cookie cake now.

Jen Vincent said...

That cookie cake DOES look awesome! I especially love that kind of frosting...I wish I could eat a dessert like that every night!