Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bridget gets showered again!

You saw the pictures from the first shower we had for her, but we also had a shower at work for my friend Bridget. She works with all of the deaf and hard of hearing kids in the district that are in self-contained classes. That means she goes to 4 different schools and is in and out of many buildings each day. I wanted to make sure she was honored at work too, so I threw a work shower for her with our friend Kim who teaches at the middle school. It was a surprise! She thought she was coming to meet me after school for a parent-teacher conference. Instead, she walked into a party with all of her co-workers from 4 different buildings!

We had the kids make pages for her for a book about weddings and getting married.
They were hilarious!

She was very surprised!
(Although this picture was staged!)

Yummy food Kim put together!

Delicious Cake!
The wedding is coming fast. Just about 5 weeks away!

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