Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Am I next?

So...you have seen all of the pictures from Bridget and Tony's wedding. She was beautiful, it was wonderful, and it was a ton of fun! But for me...one of the best parts was catching the bouquet! The first time she threw it, it landed in the DJ booth! So we got a do-over. The second time, after shoving Robin out of the way...I caught it! Apparently Tony went right up to Adam to congratulate him. =) Adam is convinced that we were practicing all morning, but I swear it wasn't a set-up!

A short while later I looked over from the dance floor to see Adam trying to give it away to Robin. I was having none of that!

I had to get it back from Robin. It took a bit of fighting...
but I was able to get what was rightfully mine!

My favorite picture of us ever!
Next time you see Adam....just start humming the Jeopardy music!

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