Sunday, April 26, 2009

I held a WHAT?

You saw the pictures...but here it the video! While we were in Marrakech walking around I pulled out my video camera to record the market. Suddenly some guy with a monkey comes up and says, "Hello!" and throws a monkey into Adam's arms! Adam tried to resist, but the guy won. Then we all took turns holding the monkey. It was all fine and dandy until the guy wanted 100 dirhams each! Erin said, no way! That was more than we paid to ride a camel for an hour! Erin knew he was just trying to pull one over on us because we look like tourists. She told me she would give him 20 dirhams for all of us (which she explained was MORE than enough). He got mad. She said that was fine, we wouldn't give him any money, and then he accepted the 20 dirhams! It bothered me...but she said, "Welcome to Morrocco!" We learned throughout our trip just to accept the haggling!

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