Monday, April 13, 2009

Layla in a Gilaba

While we were in Morocco, we found a Djellaba (Jill-ah-ba) that Layla just HAD to have. Although it is a bit big on her now....I thought it would make cute pajamas when she gets older!

When we were little, Uncle Denny brought Kimonos back from Japan for Erin and I and we LOVED them. We thought it was so neat to have robes from a different country and thought our Uncle Denny was pretty cool for being able to travel all over the world. Well, Dad traveled too....but he is Dad. Uncle Denny was cool for a lot of reasons! One time he brought me to Toys R Us and let me pick out whatever I wanted. I picked out a cute little baby doll....I'm sure she is still at Mom and Dad's house somewhere! He also rode (rides) a motorcycle and that was pretty cool too! Mia and Nicholas may never know how cool their dad was! To them, he will always be dad! are some pictures of our visit with Katie and Josh and Kristin and Ryan a couple weeks ago. Of course...the pictures of Layla are the cutest!

Enjoying her dinner while we enjoyed ours

Contemplating many serious thoughts

Layla and her Djellaba

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Kristin said...

Layla loves her Djellaba :-) I am so excited you posted this on here so I have the correct spelling now...because you know I need to write about this in her baby book!! We can't wait to see you soon!!!