Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Break-Part 1-Madrid

So here come the pictures....

Adam and I spent my spring break (his week he took off work!) overseas visiting Erin! We took a very roundabout way to get to Morocco, but we had some adventures along the way (as you read in the suitcase post!).

We arrived Madrid, Spain on Saturday morning at 8:00 (even though it felt like 2:00 am our time) and set out to explore Madrid! We tried to be good, but we couldn't help but take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. We still slept well that night...maybe the Sangria helped....

Our adventure in Spain:

-We stayed at the Hotel Emperador
-We visited the Plaza Espana (one of the many pretty parks in Madrid)
-We had breakfast at a corner cafe (Adam had a yummy dulce)
-We visited the Royal Palace and took some neat pictures until the guard tried to take me down
-We visited a cathedral near the palace
-We went to the Plaza Mayor
-We came back to the Plaza Mayor at night for yummy Paella and Sangria for dinner!
-We were very brave and took the Metro to the airport!

Check out the slideshow:

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