Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Break-Part 2-Marrakech

We arrived Sunday about noon in Marrakech Morocco. Erin met us at the airport and I was SOOO excited to see her. She took us to lunch at a cute cafe and then we started to explore the city. We stayed over night in Marrakech and hung around the next day until 5:00 when we took a bus to Essaouira.

-Lunch at the Bouganvillea Cafe
-We saw an old mosque like building circa 1070
-We experienced the market...Jamaa Ifna...straight out of Aladdin
-We saw lots of little shops where the shopkeepers said things like "OHH! Spice Girls" and "Lucky Man! Two Wives" English!
-We held a monkey!
-We visited the Saadian Tombs, circa 1554. They were lost until a French Aerial survey.
-We saw the Koutoubbia Mosque, circa 1184, established Moroccan mosque designs
-We ate at a Couscous restuarant with Berber singers to entertain us
-We went to Kosy Bar (even though Moroccans cannot drink because it is forbidden to drink in Islam and all Moroccans must be Muslim).
-Our hotel had a lot of character for $45 a night!
-We had m'ssemen at a yummy cafe where the waiter asked us, "Obama, is he happy?" in Tashelheet.
-The new part of Marrakech is very different than the old. It is like Aladdin versus Miami!
-We visited the Jardin Majorelle-created by some guy in the early 1900s and then cared for by Yves Saint Laurent until his death.
-I tried falafel at a sidewalk cafe-it was delicious!
-We took a fancy bus to Essa!

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