Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break-Part 3-Essa and Tiznit

Our trip continues.....
We took a bus from Marrakech to Essaouira. It was a very fancy and comfortable bus ride...and Erin never took us on transportation like that again!

We stayed in a nice hotel in Essa with a freezing cold shower, but a pink room and how can you go wrong with a pink room??

We walked along the beach and found....camels! We had hoped to have the opportunity to ride camels on the beach and our wish came true. We had to play "cool" like, "We don't care if we ride a camel" and Erin talked the guy down 30 dirhams (a whopping $3!). We were supposed to ride for an hour, but the guide took the long way back and it ended up being about an hour and 20 minutes. After about 3 minutes Adam decided that boys shouldn't ride camels. After about 45 Erin and I were ready to be done because they are VERY wide.....but it was still very fun and a once in a lifetime experience!

We walked around Essa, visited an old fortress, found Wi-Fi and ate some yummy lunch.

The afternoon we took a grand taxi to Agadir and then to Tiznit. Well, let me tell you, there is nothing GRAND about a grand taxi. A grand taxi is an itty bitty 4 door car that fits 7...yes SEVEN people inside! 4 in the back, the driver, and two on the passenger seat. This is a car that 3 in the back is a little tight....and there were 4 of us. Adam really liked sitting RIGHT next to the Moroccan man next to him. =)

We stopped in Agadir for icecream and then continued on to Tiznit. Tiznit is the town that Erin goes to for Internet and big shopping. It is also where her office is (The Rural Health Department). There is a picture of her standing in front of it.

While we were in Tiznit, we went shopping and saw the spice, bread and vegetables shops. Spices just sitting out in bags on the sidewalk and vegetables hanging out 5 feet away from goat heads. Appetizing! =)

We also took a little 15 minute trip to Aglou beach and ate yummy tagine on the beach with her friend Meredith.

After that we headed off to Ida Ousmlal to visit Erin's site!

Check out the slideshow below:

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