Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break-Part 4-Ida Ousmlal and Going Home

After a lot of traveling, we finally made it to Erin's site. She had to climb in because the door was locked from the inside because her friend was over baking us bread. Yummy!

There are pictures of Erin's kitchen. She doesn't have a refrigerator and although we bought eggs in Tiznit...and I would think they need to be refrigerated....she insists that they don't need to be! That first night she made us a DELICIOUS pasta with Alfredo sauce dinner.

There are also pictures of Erin doing household chores such as washing dishes and doing her laundry. Things that just take a few minutes here are very time consuming for her. It is not easy to wash dishes without running water in the sink! Laundry takes a long time to rinse and scrub and rinse again!

We bought leather sandals ($7.50 each) and rings in Tiznit and we are showing them off here.

We visited Erin's host family's house and they made us lunch with grilled vegetables, mush rice, delicious donuts and scary meat. Luckily...I got out of the scary meat! Erin had already explained the whole crazy vegetarian thing to them. Adam said it was....spicy.

After a rousing session of what we called "Berber Dress up", where they dressed us in traditional Berber wedding attire, we headed out back to see the family's animals. The basket on my head is the way the women carry the grass back from the fields. On their heads!

We also enjoyed walking around Erin's douar and checking out the old houses that people have mostly moved away from. They are now mostly living in cement houses. Oh yes...and I rode a donkey. Much easier than a horse!

The last day our plan was to drive in Erin's host dad's car down the mountain. But....even after all of our pushing....the car wouldn't start! So we started the 3 mile hike...with all of our luggage. I was a wee bit crabby. But then an open back pick up truck with 10 Moroccan men standing inside pulled up and we hopped inside! That made me much happier! We walked around souk for a bit and then started the journey back to Marrakech.

For lunch we stopped at the yummy Lebanese restaurant that Erin likes in Agadir. Erin and I had delicious hummus and I had yummy falafal. We finished out our Morocco travels with a 4 hour car ride back up to Marrakech (where we bought out the 4th seat!) to spend the night before leaving the next day.

Adam and I headed back to Spain for one more evening...where we were VERY lame. We went to dinner, but then it was raining and didn't want to walk around, so we went back to our hotel room, watched a movie and went to bed! We were very tired because they had daylight savings and we lost an hour so although we needed to wake up at 5:00 am, it was really 4:00 our time! We headed to the airport, flew to Frankfurt, hung out there and then flew home. I really enjoyed the signs in the Frankfurt airport. They look like a bunch of letters were dropped on the floor and then picked up and throw together to make words! We also enjoyed the "running man" signs that we saw in Madrid and Frankfurt...we finally figured out they mean exit. Green means....leave?

It was a wonderful trip and we have so many memories that we will NEVER forget. Enjoy the last slideshow below!


Jaxma99 said...

It cracks me up that you were crabby about not having a ride... so crabby in fact that you happily accepted a ride with 10 Morrocan men in the back of a pick up truck!!???!?? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! Ha ha ha!!!

Bonnie said...

Happy to hear that you had a marvelous time visiting your sis..with many wonderful memories.