Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun on the Farm

Vegetable/Fruit Garden updates....and my little garden!

I spent some of the beautiful days last week gardening at my house. Then we went over to Adam's to work in our vegetable/fruit garden.

Our "Little" Garden

I planted the tomato plants really deep to get some good roots and they are growing strong!

Little strawberry plants

We have better onions now than we did ALL last year!

For some reason when we got down by the garden we found grass growing in the cucumber patch. ?!?!?!? When Adam mowed the grass it was seeding and blew into the garden. I can't weed the grass blade by blade! But I can't do anything else yet because the cucumbers are just beginning to grow and aren't strong yet. Crazy grass!

The raspberry "bushes" are starting to have growth

3 of the flower pots I just planted at my house

Some of my flower pots

The flower pot mom just gave me

My wonderful perennial garden

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Amy said...

I cant wait to work in your garden(s) if you need the help :D