Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Saturday was my birthday and I got to celebrate several times. On Friday night Bridget and I celebrated our birthdays together with many wonderful friends. This is the 4th year that we have celebrated together. I am so happy to have the wonderful friends that I do!

My good friend Erin from work!

My good friends from college...Katie (who is expecting) and Kristin the mom of beautiful Layla

The birthday girls!
We had lots of other wonderful friends there that are not pictured!

Adam and me!
On Saturday on my birthday, in between looking at reception places, we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch (it is the most amazing salad buffet that also has yummy pasta, pizza, soup, and ice cream!). Adam and Dad weren't so hot on the idea (buffet??? salad???) but Mom and I LOVE the place. It is NOTHING like your typical buffet.

Adam's salad. There is a 30 foot salad buffet and he picked lettuce and croutons and some accidental squash (he thought it was cheese)!

Mom's colorful salad! Looks a bit different from Adam's.....

Adam and Mom

Dad and me
After all the reception hall hunting, we went to JuRinn for my birthday dinner. It is such a fun place and the rice is SO yummy. They must put some addictive substance in it because you just can't stop eating it!
The guy doing his fancy thing with the onion tower and flipping an egg!

Thanks for a great birthday!

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Amy said...

I've never been to Sweet Tomatoes!! Your pictures may have just convinced me to try it ;-)